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Lignum-Vitae is a unique product that is used to make Authentic Hydro Bearings, Ship Bearings, Saw Blocks and all sorts of unique products. Lignum Vitae is the first Industrial bearing that has an extraordinary long life.

  • Largest Inventory in the USA of bearing grade Lignum Vitae in log and block form
  • Long length available for single piece application
  • Large Diameters available
  • CITIES CERTIFIED Material to ship anywhere in the world
  • Genuine Authentic Lignum Vitae wood bearings.
Lignum-Vitae Blocks

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Lignum Vitae Bearing

This bearing product has natural lubricating oils. Unlike metal bearings that typically use oil to maintain the bearing and ultimately ends up in the water.

Lignum Vitae Berring PartLignum-Vitae has been used by the Navy and other military applications as Stern Tube and Jack Staff bearings in the stuffing box for Destroyers, Submarines, Mine Sweepers, Polar Class Icebreakers and other large ships. Authentic Lignum-Vitae is the original long life extraordinary product.

Bearing Repair Lignum

Fake Vs Genuine. Guaiacum Sanctum, Guaiacum Officinale

It has come to our attention that there are some folks selling Argentine Lignum Vitae that has not been proven as a bearing material. Would you trust a ship in the middle of the ocean to a product that is unproven? Or would you risk the expense of a shut down of a hydro plant based on an unproven product? The key to knowing if you are getting the real Lignum Vitae is does the company have a CITES certificate. If not they do not have the real material. Period!  We have the largest single source of bearing grade material in log and block form. Call us and we can get you what you need.

Bearing Quality Genuine Lignum/Vitae is know as GuaiacumSanctum.(Officinale Guaiacum 1.37)

These names have been central to the bearing industry since Christopher Columbus.

As the resource became scarce a wood known as Argentine Lignum/Vitae has surfaced. Although we have never seen any reference to this material in any known engineering manuals some have bait & switched this material as genuine. Always ask for original Genuine Lignum-Vitae as the only known specified material for under water hydro-or ships bearings.

The following do not have the same properties as Authentic Lignum-Vitae.

Bulnesia Sarmientoi, known commercially as Argentine Lignum Vitae, is related to but not the same as Bulnesia Arborea, known commercially as Verawood.